Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bucket list. Hoorah.

So I was bored the other day at work. 

Annnnd boredom = compiling bucket lists in my head.


1. Hitchhike/Train-hop/Hobo-ize across the States and maybe Canada.  
2. Go back to Honduras for a while
3. Become fluent in Spanish; learn some other languages. 
4. Tae kwon do. To the max. 
5. Take voice lessons. 
6. Learn to breakdance.
7. Parkour it up. 
8. Learn how to play piano. And then guitar. 
9. Become proficient in sewing skills. 
10. Become self-employed. By making jewelry and stuff. 
11. Develop a daily exercise routine.
12. Develop healthy eating habits. 
13. Homeless ministry. 
14. Become a master of disguise. 
15. Hone communication skillz along side of observational, memory, and body language skills. 
16. Have a mohawk which is blue. 
17. Get in a bar fight. 
18. Become adept at both pickpocketing and reverse pickpocketing. 
19. Get a date with a flamethrower. 
20. Write a book. 
21. Learn to hang-glide
22. Judo! to the max!
23. Lick (with my tongue) Bill Gates. 
24. Learn to love ruthlessly. 
25. Own a restaurante. 
26. Start a blog. 
27. Find someone I love. Get married. Have 12 kids. 
28. Have a cow. And goats. and cats.
29. Swim with dolphins. 
30. Learn to fire-dance.
31. Join the circus. 
32. Get over past hurts.
33. Know Jesus, love Jesus, see Jesus. 

That's it so far. It might get longer. When I get bored again.

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